Classic Bouillabaise — £7.25
with aioli, emental cheese and croutons

Baked queenies scallops — £7.50
with Thermidor sauce, spinach and gruyere

DRW Sea food moneybag — £8.25
A treasure of sea food, cod, salmon, haddock, scallops and prawns wrapped in a feuille de brick and served with a lobster sauce

Soupe a l'onion — £6.50
Traditional french onion soup served with emental crouton

Spaghetti "Al Vongole" — £7.50/ £14.50
Fresh Spaghetti tossed with cockles, mussels, shallots, spring onions, shallots, white wine, chilli, parsley and fresh parmesan


Pan roasted monkfish Rockerfeller — £21.50
pan roasted monkfish medallions on a bed of creamed spinach with crispy bacon and smoked salmon served woth roasted new potatoes and a champagner sauce

Pan fried sea bass — £17.50
Served on a crisp tomato and red pepper tapenade tart topped with rocket, pesto and balsamic glaze

Deep fried breaded haddock fillet — £13.50
with french fries, mixed salad and warm tatare sauce

Poached Smoked haddock "A la Mc'n cheese" — £16.75
Poached smoked haddock served on cheesy maccaroni wilted rocket, poached egg

Roast chump of Yorkshire lamb — £17.50
with a fricassée of potatatoes, tomatoes, olives, chorizo, broad beans, rocket, pesto and thyme jus