Lunch Menu

Lunch Served Monday – Saturday 12pm-2pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm


Tuna Fish and Cucumber £4.95
Tuna fish bound with mayonnaise with cucumber

Cheddar Cheese and Tomato (v) £4.75
Grated cheddar cheese finished with freshly sliced tomato

Pork Sausage and Onions £5.25
Warm pork sausages cooked with sautéed sliced onions

Peppered Beef and Onion £5.95
Warm slices of beef and onion finished with cracked black pepper

B.L.T. £5.50
Crisp bacon, seasonal lettuce and fresh tomato bound with mayonnaise

(All sandwiches are available on white or wholemeal teacake and served with a salad garnish and chips)

Jacket Potatoes

Chilli Con Carne £5.50
Minced beef cooked with chillies, tomato, onions and kidney beans in a rich sauce

Baked Beans and Cheese (v) £4.95
Heinz baked beans glazed with cheddar cheese

Garlic Roasted Vegetables (v) £5.75
Mediterranean vegetables roasted with garlic and herbs

Tuna Fish and Mayonnaise £5.75
Tuna fish bound with mayonnaise and herbs

(All jacket potatoes are served with a salad garnish)

Side Orders

Home Fried Chips (v) £1.95
Cheese Topped Chips (v) £2.95
Fresh Baked Garlic Bread (v) £2.25
Cheese Glazed Garlic Bread (v) £2.95
Deep Fried Onion Rings (v) £1.95
Sauce Boat of Gravy (v) £1.95


Homemade Soup of the Day £3.95
Homemade soup of the day served with crusty bread

Stilton Mushrooms (v) £5.50
Pan-fried mushrooms finished with stilton cream sauce, served with crusty bread

Live Pate £5.25
Fine live pate served with fruit chutney and crusty bread

Cod and Herb Fishcake £5.25
Deep fried cod and herb fishcake on crisp salad leaves and lemon dressing

Homemade Pies

Beef, Ale and Blue Cheese £7.95
Braised beef and mushrooms in a rich ale sauce, finished with blue cheese

Meat and Potato £7.95
Diced beef cooked with vegetables and potatoes

Chicken Leek and Mushroom £7.95
Fresh chicken cooked with leeks and button mushrooms in a light gravy

Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion and Chive (v) £7.95
Sautéed red onions, chives and mature cheddar cheese bound with mashed potatoes

(All pies are topped with short-crust pastry and served with chips and a choice of garden or mushy peas)

Main Courses

Fish and Chips Adult £7.50, Child £4.95
Deep fried haddock in a crisp batter served with chips and a choice of garden or mushy peas

Sausages and Mash Adult £7.25, Child £4.95
Grilled sausage served on creamed mashed potatoes, peas and topped with onion gravy

Scampi and Chips Adult £8.25, Child £5.95
Deep fried scampi in crisp breadcrumbs, served with chips and a choice of salad or garden peas

Homemade Cottage Pie £7.25
Lean minced beef cooked with onions, carrots and peas in a rich gravy, topped with mashed potatoes and served with pickled red cabbage

Gammon Steak £8.95
Grilled 10oz gammon steak topped with a choice of pineapple or fried egg, served with vegetables and chips

Beef Burger £7.25
Grilled beef burger served in a toasted roll, served with side salad, chips and topped with tomato relish (Add cheese or bacon for £1.25 extra each)