Served Sunday to Thursday until 7pm

All Dishes on this menu are available 2 for 1 (cheapest dish free)

Chilli Bowl - £7.90
A baked tortilla with a volcano of Chorizo Chilli Con Carneor Drunken Bean Chilli Con Carne.  Served mild, if you want it hotter please ask.

Burrito in a Basket - £10.95
A baked 12" Tortilla loadedwith cheese, rice and one of our fillings - served to be hands on.

Enchiladas - £10.95
3 x 8" Tortillas with your choice of filling, baked to cheesy perfection

Chimmichange - £10.95
Same as burrito but deep fried

Qesadillas - £10.95
Folded and stuffed with a filling, refried beans and cheese and then baked

Tacos - £10.95
3 x Corn Tacos, crammed with your choice of filing, cheese and salsa

Street Tacos - £10.95
As above with a softer approach tot he taco


Chilli Con Chorizo
Pulled Pork
Pulled Chicken
Home Smoked Brisket
Drunken Bean Chilli