Steak Sandwich
6oz rump steak, cooked pink and sliced. Served in a ciabatta with caramelised onions and salad garnish

Crisp Bacon, Somerset Brie and Cranberry

Served hot in a fresh baguette with a salad garnish

Hot Baguette with Mediterranean Vegetables
With provencal sauce topped with melted smoked mozzarella

£8.45 (Add Chorizo - £1)

Sausage Sandwich

Onion chutney, ciabatta - £6.956


A choice of…
Roast Topside of Beef and Horseradish Sauce
Chicken Strips bound in Mayonnaise with Pesto
Home Boiled Ham and Tomato Relish
Wensleydale Cheese and Branston Pickle
Egg Mayonnaise and Cucumber
Roast Local Turkey and Stuffing
Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber
Served in a fresh wholemeal or white baguette, accompanied by coleslaw salad

Smoked Salmon

Served in brown sliced bread, accompanied by a salad garnish

Add a bowl of chips

Add a bowl of herb fries


All the above sandwiches can be prepared as a salad.