Plain / Massala Popadom 

Chutney Tray Various pickles 

 Vegetable Pakoras Bowl of crunchy fresh vegetables 



Vegetable Thaal (for 2) 
Stuffed mushroom, onion bhaji, veg singgara.


Amritsari Jhaal Sabzi 
Fresh seasonal vegetables fried with onion, chillies, mix peppers, topped with cheese.


Paneer Sabzi Mirch 
Cubes of cheese cooked with vegetables with a hint of chilli.


Onion Bhaji 


Vegetable Singgara Somosa.


Chot Poti 
Chick peas in a hot, sweet and sour sauce.


Stuffed Mushroom 
Stuffed with mashed potato, onions, and cheese.




Thaal Special (for 2) 
Chicken pakora, chicken tikka, kundan machli and sheek kebab.


Chicken Piazi 
Succulent strips of chicken cooked with onions and topped with crunchy onions.


Amritsari Murgh 
Succulent slices of chicken with potatoes fried with onion, mix peppers, topped with cheese.


Mixed Kebab
Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka.


Sheek Kebab Minced meat.


Chicken Tikka 


Machli Thaal (for 2) 
Kundan Machli, kashmiri pakora and Kuftha Machli 


Kashmiri Pakora 
Filleted seabass in a crispy crunchy kashmiri batter


Kuftha Machli
Mix fish, potatoes, cheese and red onions cooked as a shami kebab


Kundan Machli 
White fish in a ajwain gram flour batter, delicately spiced and deep fried


Aloo Jhinga 
Tiger prawns, potato, finished with a hint of chilli flakes. Topped with crispy onions


Prawn Puree
Lightly spiced prawns, served with small puree breads.





 Lahori Jall Machli 
Juicy pieces of white fish cooked with tomatoes, dry chillies and spring onions


Murgh Jal Jool  
Highly spiced chicken cooked with fresh ground spices, squeeze of lime, honey and chillies. Creating a hot, sweet and sour sauce flavour (Hot)


Keema Rezella 
Chicken cubes cooked in a spicy hot sauce tempered with red onions and minced meat (Hot)


Murgh Malai Kumbi
Succulent pieces of chicken breasts poached in coconut milk cream and honey and hint of chilli finished with mushrooms topped with roasted almond flakes


Chicken Chilli Masala  
Chicken cooked in tandoori spices with fresh green chillies (Hot)


Adraki Gosht
Succulent lamb cooked with fresh ginger, onions and tumeric creating a rich spicy masala


Tandoori Machli
Grilled tandoor spiced seabass fillets, finished in tandoori masala and topped with a caramelised tomato rogon


Aloo Mollee
Pan fried seabass fillets cooked in a rich creamy tandoori masala sauce with baby potatoes


Naryali Machi
Pan fried seabass fillets cooked with coconut, cumin and tomatoes


Mirchi Lamb Cutlets
Lamb cutlets marinated in lime, ginger, garlic and honey. Grilled then  finished with onion, mint and peppers


Nawabi Masala 
Braised on the bone chicken supreme, simmered in a rich garam masala, finished with tomatoes


Shahi Korai 
Braised chicken supreme on the bone, simmered with tomatoes, onions, mustard seeds finished with bayleaf and a squeeze of lime


Murg Masala Achar
Chicken breast marinated in mustard seeds, lime and curry leaves simmered with onions, chillies and fresh lime creating a tangy spicy sauce


Jhinga Shahi Zeera
Jumbo tiger prawns marinated in tandoori spices barbecued and then simmered with cumin, yoghurt and green peppers


Jhool Ginger
King prawns marinated in honey, chilli and yoghurt. Simmered in coconut milk and ground fresh spices. Finished with cashewnuts


Special Mixed Balti
A mixture of chicken, lamb and prawn cooked in our special balti sauce. Flambed with brandy


Shaslick Sizzler
Chicken barbecued with mix peppers, onion, tomatoes and finished in a tandoori sauce


Shajani Murgh
Marinated Chicken cooked in clay oven then cooked with yoghurt, coriander, garlic and ginger tarkad with bay leaf


Murgh Dhai Turka
Tender breast of chicken marinated in yoghurt, crushed black pepper and fresh mint finished in a caramalised red onion sauce


Turka Gosht
Succulent tender lamb marinated in mint, chilli and lime juice, then simmered with bayleaf. topped with caramalised tomatoes and fresh mint


Lamb Palak
Medium spiced cooked with spinach and tarkad with fresh garlic


Murgh Bhuna Massala
Traditional Bangladeshi dish, chicken in a rich massala sauce, cooked with chef’s own spices, with cherry tomatoes and chillies


Murgh Makhoni
Boneless spring chicken cooked with plump mango, coconut, almond, sultana and cashew-nuts. Mild


Murgh Jalfrazi 
Chicken cooked with onion, mix peppers topped with coriander and green chilli. (Hot)


Deshi Garlic Chicken
Chicken breast marinated then cooked with fresh garlic and tomatoes.





Sabzi Shashlic Paneer
Potato, cauliflower, broccoli with mix peppers, paneer (cheese) tomatoes barbecued and finished in tandoori sauce.


Sabzi Paneer Masala
Fresh vegetables and cheese simmered in a rich spicy masala.


Saag Paneer Garlic (Side or Main)
Fresh spinach and indian cheese cooked in a garlic masala.


Niramish (Side or Main)
Crunchy cabbage, cooked in a medium masala sauce.


Sabzi Darbar (Side or Main)
Fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with red onions, cumin and crushed black pepper.


Matka Haryali (Side or Main)
Chick peas and baby potatoes cooked with garlic and ginger, finished with chillies and lentils.


Makon Bahari (Side or Main)
Fresh seasonal vegetables simmered in coconut milk with cinnamon and finished with mangoes.


Saag Aloo (Side or Main)
Spinach and potato

Bombay Aloo (Side or Main)
Potato bhaji

Phool Gobi (Side or Main)
Cauliflower bhaji

Tarka Dall (Side or Main)n)

Bindi Bhaji (Side or Main)
Fresh okra in a medium bhuna style sauce




Thaal Special Rice Fruity rice cooked with egg

Pilau Rice 

Boiled Rice 

Mushroom Rice

Keema Rice minced meat 

Lemon Rice 

Fried Rice with spring onions 

Mirchi Rice hot, cooked with green chilli. 

Vegetable RiceThaal Special Naan stuffed with minced chicken, potatoes and onions

Plain Naan 

Garlic Naan 

Peshwari Naan sultana, almond and coconut. 

Keema Naan with minced meat. 

Kulcha Naan with vegetable. 

Cheese Naan 

Tandoori Roti