Plain / Massala Popadom £0.75

Chutney Tray £3.00
Various pickles 

 Vegetable Pakoras £4.95
Bowl of crunchy fresh vegetables 



Vegetable Thaal (for 2) £9.95
Stuffed mushroom, onion bhaji, veg singgara. 

Aloo Chana Chaat £4.95
Chick peas, potatoes in a tangy-spicy sauce 

Paneer Sabzi Mirch £4.95
Cubes of cheese cooked with vegetables with a hint of chilli. 

Onion Bhaji £4.95

Vegetable Singgara Somosa. 

Chot Poti £4.95
Chick peas in a hot, sweet and sour sauce. 

Stuffed Mushroom £4.95
Stuffed with mashed potato, onions, and cheese.




Thaal Special (for 2) £9.95
Chicken pakora, chicken tikka, kundan machli and sheek kebab. 

Amritsari Murgh £4.95
Chicken with potatoes, fried with onion, mixed peppers, topped with cheese

Mixed Kebab £4.95
Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka. 

Sheek Kebab £4.95
Minced meat. 

Chicken Tikka £4.95

Machli Thaal (for 2) £9.95 
Kundan Machli, kashmiri pakora and Kuftha Machli  

Kashmiri Pakora £4.95
Filleted seabass in a crispy crunchy kashmiri batter 

Kundan Machli £4.95
White fish in a ajwain gram flour batter, delicately spiced and deep fried 

Kuftcha Machil £4.95
Mix fish, potatoes, cheese and red onions cooked as a shami kebab




 Lahori Jall Machli £10.95
White fish cooked with tomatoes, dry chillies and spring onions 

Murgh Jal Jool £9.95
Highly spiced chicken cooked with fresh ground spices, squeeze of lime, honey and chillies. Creating a hot, sweet and sour sauce flavour (Hot)  

Keema Rezella £9.95
Chicken cubes cooked in a spicy hot sauce tempered with red onions and minced meat (Hot)

 Murgh Malai Kumbi £9.95
Succulent pieces of chicken breasts poached in coconut milk cream and honey and hint of chilli finished with mushrooms topped with roasted almond flakes 

Chicken Chilli Masala £9.95
Chicken cooked in tandoori spices with fresh green chillies (Hot) 

Adraki Gosht £10.95
Succulent lamb cooked with fresh ginger, onions and tumeric creating a rich spicy masala 

Tandoori Machli £10.95
Grilled tandoor spiced seabass fillets, finished in tandoori masala and topped with a caramelised tomato rogon 

Haleem £9.95
Beef simmered with lentils, black pepper and chillies  

Aloo Gosht £9.95
Beef simmered with potatoes, onions and tomatoes 

  Mirchi Lamb Cutlets £10.95
3 Lamb cutlets marinated in lime, ginger, garlic and honey. Grilled then  finished with onion, mint and peppers 
Add 2 extra lamb cutlet pieces add £4.95

Dhanchak £9.95
Beef simmered with lentils, pineapple and chillies, finished with a hint of cream

Kabil £9.95
Beef simmered with chickpeas, chillies and whole spices 

Murg Masala Achar £9.95
Chicken breast marinated in mustard seeds, lime and curry leaves simmered with onions, chillies and fresh lime creating a tangy spicy sauce 

Jhinga Shahi Zeera £10.95
Jumbo tiger prawns marinated in tandoori spices barbecued and then simmered with cumin, yoghurt and green peppers 

Jhool Ginger £10.95
King prawns marinated in honey, chilli and yoghurt. Simmered in coconut milk and ground fresh spices. Finished with cashewnuts 

Special Mixed Balti £10.95
A mixture of chicken, lamb and prawn cooked in our special balti sauce. Flambed with brandy 

Shaslick Sizzler £9.95
Chicken barbecued with mix peppers, onion, tomatoes and finished in a tandoori sauce 

Shajani Murgh £9.95
Marinated Chicken cooked in clay oven then cooked with yoghurt, coriander, garlic and ginger tarkad with bay leaf 

Murgh Dhai Turka £9.95
Tender breast of chicken marinated in yoghurt, crushed black pepper and fresh mint finished in a caramalised red onion sauce 

Turka Gosht £10.95
Succulent tender lamb marinated in mint, chilli and lime juice, then simmered with bayleaf. topped with caramalised tomatoes and fresh mint 

Lamb Palak £10.95
 Ppiced cooked with spinach and tarkad with fresh garlic 

Murgh Bhuna Massala £9.95
 Chicken in a rich massala sauce, cooked with chef’s own spices, with cherry tomatoes and chillies 

Murgh Makhoni £9.95
Chicken cooked with plump mango, coconut, almond, sultana and cashew-nuts. Mild 

Murgh Jalfrazi £9.95
Chicken cooked with onion, mix peppers topped with coriander and green chilli. (Hot) 

Deshi Garlic Chicken £9.95
Chicken breast marinated then cooked with fresh garlic and tomatoes.





Sabzi Shashlic Paneer £9.95
Potato, cauliflower, broccoli with mix peppers, paneer (cheese) tomatoes barbecued and finished in tandoori sauce. 

Sabzi Paneer Masala £9.95
Fresh vegetables and cheese simmered in a rich spicy masala. 

Saag Paneer Garlic / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Fresh spinach and indian cheese cooked in a garlic masala. 

Niramish / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Crunchy cabbage, cooked in a medium masala sauce. 

Sabzi Darbar / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with red onions, cumin and crushed black pepper. 

Matka Haryali / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Chick peas and baby potatoes cooked with garlic and ginger, finished with chillies and lentils. 

Makon Bahari / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Fresh seasonal vegetables simmered in coconut milk with cinnamon and finished with mangoes. 

Saag Aloo / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Spinach and potato

Bombay Aloo / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Potato bhaji

Phool Gobi / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 
Cauliflower bhaji

Tarka Dall / Side £3.95 or Main £9.95 




Thaal Special Rice Fruity £4.20
rice cooked with egg

Pilau Rice £3.20

Boiled Rice £3.00

Mushroom Rice £3.70

Keema Rice £3.70
minced meat 

Lemon Rice £3.70

Fried Rice £3.70
with spring onions 

Mirchi Rice £3.70
hotcooked with green chilli. 

Vegetable Rice £3.70

Plain Naan £3.20

Garlic Naan £3.20

Peshwari Naan £3.20
sultana, almond and coconut. 

Keema Naan £3.70
with minced meat. 

Cheese Naan £3.70

Tandoori Roti £1.80