Hot and Cold Buffets


Cold Fork Buffet One £9.95


Spiced char grilled chicken Caesar salad

Grilled salmon fillets, chive crème fraiche

Leek and gruyere tarts

Mediterranean cous cous salad

New potato, green bean and mint salad

Rustic breads, olives and dips

Lemon mousse, shortbread biscuit



Cold Fork Buffet Two £11.95


Baked oriental duck, watercress, watermelon

Tuna nicoise, olives, potatoes, quail eggs and capers

Filo tart, roasted vegetables, feta and basil

Butternut squash, roast red pepper, soft cheese, pine nut, rocket, balsamic

Tomato and red onion, basil and herb oil

Rustic breads, olives and dips

Eaton mess

Fruit salad

Cheese, biscuits, celery, chutney and grapes


Cold Fork Buffet Three £15.95


Rustic breads, olives and dips

Rare beef, asparagus and hollandaise

Lobster, prawn, crayfish, mango and rocket

Chicory, celeriac remoulade, walnut and blue cheese salad

Caramelised onion and goats cheese filo tarts

Pasta, Mediterranean vegetable, toasted pine nuts

Selection of mini desserts: crème brulee, chocolate mousse, Eaton mess, fruit tartlets,

Cheese platters


Hot Fork Buffet One £12.95


Chicken curry, peas, crème fraiche, coriander

Salmon ‘en papiotte’

Sweet potato and red onion curry, flat breads

Roasted new potatoes, rosemary, olive oil

Roasted vegetables, honey and thyme

Mediterranean Cous cous salad

Tomato, sea salt, red onion and pesto salad

Rustic breads, olives and dips

Asian coleslaw


Apple tart, caramel glaze, Chantilly cream



Hot Fork Buffet Two £15.95


Flat bread pizzas

Spiced beef tagine, yoghurt and coriander

Mushroom risotto cakes, parmesan, olive oil

Frito misto (fried fish) chilli dipping sauce, aioli

Chicken skewers

Caribbean rice and peas

Tomato, sea salt, red onion and pesto salad

Sweet chilli and feta cous cous salad

Red Cabbage Coleslaw


Cheese platters, biscuits, chutney, celery and grapes

Exotic fruit salad

Flavoured Crème brulee’s


Additional Items:

1ltr Jugs of freshly squeezed orange juice, Bottled water, Tea or Coffee,

Wine, beers and spirits lists are available