Homemade Tiramisu £7.50
made with mascarpone and ricotta

Profiteroles di Cloccolato £6.00
white chocolate topped profiteroles filled with Chantilly cream

Chocolate Fudge Cake £6.50
served with vanilla ice cream

Torta Dell Noona £5.00
a double short pastry base, filled with lemon patisserie cream and crowned with almonds, pine nuts and a generous dusting of snow sugar.  Served with Italian custard.

Torta Di Mela £5.00
oven baked short pastry base that's then filled with large slices of Venetian apples and then more strips of short pastry.  Served with Italian custard.

Panna Cotta £6.00
a classic dessert from Piemonte with a vanilla flavoured cream base.

Souffle Black & White £5.50
dark chocolate souffle with a soft white chocolate centre with vanilla ice cream.


Menodiciotto Italian Ice Cream
All £6.00

Lemon Sorbet

Coppa Napoli
vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

Coppa di Frutta
lemon sorbet & strawberry

Coppa Sicilla
pistachio, hazelnut, coconut

Coppa Torino
hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla

Coppa Malaga
rum & raisin, coconut



Espresso £2.35

Double Espresso £2.60

Espresso Coretto £4.25
with choice of liqueur

Americano £3.10

Cappuccino £3.20

Latte £3.50

Hot Chocolate £3.50

Pot of Tea £2.20

Flavoured Tea £3.50

Liqueur Coffee £6.00